Texas retrofit Incentives are now CLOSED in Oncor. Still open AEP utility markets!

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Everon Green Energy Solutions

Everon Green Energy Solutions is a new experience in energy procurement, management, sustainability and corporate responsibility.  We partner with the best and brightest to create mutual opportunities for our clients and our partners.

Everon Green Energy Solutions has committed to renewable energy and those who provide solutions for our clients to reduce their usage, manage inefficiencies, and reduce unnecessary expenditures for energy consumption.

By providing green energy procurement,  battery Storage, renewable energy consultation, demand response, LED lighting direct from the manufacturers, electric vehicle charging stations, and efficiency program management services, Everon Green is positioning to lead the way in shaping how the world procures its energy.

Everon Green participates with local utility rebate and incentives programs.  We know this separates us from the others.  Your energy management should be a priority.  That's why we deliver great rates plus professional guidance, tools, and materials all in one place.

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”We put the Green back in your pocket”

Efficiency Incentives

Welcome Myles DeRouen


Myles heads up our auditing division with a wealth of experience and tools to provide peak performance of your energy spend.


Myles holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering with focuses on sustainability standards and efficiency measures. 


Working with some of the largest industrial, municipal and corporate entities  Myles has years of proven accomplishments.