Texas retrofit Incentives are now CLOSED in all utility markets!

Construction Temporary Power

Want to lower your cost by as much as 50% or more?

Want to take back control of your cost?

Would a free service that managed these aspects for you help?


At Everon Green, our new construction division has positioned itself to assist you with obtaining temporary power for all of your projects. We have many years of experience working with the local utilities.  At Everon Green, we work with many construction companies to take this burden off their plate, because lets face the facts; You have enough on your plate in construction.

Due to Everon Green's relationships with its suppliers, we can offer you dramatically reduced costs for your temporary power, up to 50% or more!

Tired of dealing with the local utility?

Tired of spending countless dollars on generator fuel?

Tired of spending more money than you should for temporary power?

Then you should read our Temp power guidelines and complete the blank LSDI form then submit it to info@everongreen.com.

Let our expert team consult with you to simplify your temporary power acquisition program.  There is nothing for you to lose because it’s free!

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Temp Power MVI's (pptx)


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A Strategy For Success Temp (pptx)


From temporary power to lighting we have you covered

We have the power


When you need temp power at a rate that wins more bids! 

Photometric plans


What's on the plans matters.  Let us spec your lighting package.

Results matter


Proper lighting is not just about changing a bulb. We know how to get the desired results!